Tips for building and maintaining your digital products

Whether you’re building a business as a solo-founder or running a blog full-time, having a website or an app helps you share your services online and reach more customers or your target audience.

If you already own a website or an app, you also need to perform routine maintenance checks to ensure that they run smoothly and optimally. In this guide, we will be sharing tips to consider when building or maintaining your websites, apps (IOS & Android), and internal tools.

Building a website

  1. Optimise for website page speed

Website page speed is very important for users who use digital tools online today. If your webpage takes longer to load, 88.5% of users are more likely to abandon the site and never return.

Also, how your site speed performs can boost how you rank on search engines and help with retaining users on your site.

Here are some tips that can help you to optimise your website page speed.

  • Compress the images on your website: Large images can make your website load slower. To avoid this, ensure that change file formats, compress images, and reduce its resolution and dimensions, before uploading onto your website.
  • Reduce redirects: Page redirects on a website add to page load times and can prolong the HTTP request and response process. So, try not to overuse them for your website pages.

Building your mobile or web apps

2. Data security on your mobile or web app is very important

This is because keeping your web or mobile app secure will prevent cyber criminals or bad actors from getting unauthorized access into your system and stealing user data. Data breaches would cost you a lot of money.

Follow these best practices to ensure better web and app security.

  • Protect your app with code encryption: When you scramble your code text, and user data is stolen during a vulnerability attack, this ensures that hackers won’t be able to make sense of the data or misuse it.
  • Perform rigorous security check: It is important to test your app for functionality and usability before launching it. In addition, you need to do a mobile/web app security test to identify any bugs or vulnerabilities.

Brace can help you build security-optimised mobile and web apps and detect bugs or existing vulnerabilities.

Maintaining your mobile or web apps

3. Check for compatibility updates

With new mobile devices been released, operating systems are updated too, compatibility updates is a critical reason to maintain your app.

To ensure that your app is compatible with the newest technology and devices, you have to routinely keep up with new compatibility updates and fix any performance issues.

Building internal tools

4. Reuse components

When building internal tools, you should reuse existing UI components like Inputs, Filters, and other components to save development time and costs.

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